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Six dead in Zim crash

A plane crash in Zimbabwe has resulted in the death of six people.

Bush says Trump is being distracted

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said it was becoming exceedingly difficult for President Donald Trump to perform the task of being the United States' Commander in Chief.

OR Tambo heist suspects to apply for bail

The suspects arrested in connection with the robbery at OR Tambo International Airport will appear in court on Tuesday.

Biden: I should have run for President

Former Vice President Joe Biden believes that he could have beaten Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if he had run for President of the United States.

Teens feared dead in Japanese avalanche

Eight high school students are feared to have died and more than 30 people injured in an avalanche that hit a ski resort in Japan on Monday morning.

This day in history: Beyers Naudé and Allan Boesak arrested

Ministers in the Dutch Reformed Church, Beyers Naudé and Allan Boesak, along with 200 others, were arrested by police on March 27, 1985, for participating in a march through the city of Cape Town to Pollsmoor Prison.

Sanders to introduce 'medicare for all' bill

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said he was confident that the United States public would endorse the "Medicare for All Bill" that he is expected to introduce in Congress within the next few weeks.

Chris Bertish back in Cape Town

South African big wave surfer Chris Bertish is now the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a stand-up paddle board.

Calls to exempt ratepayers from tariff increases

The African National Congress in the City of Cape Town is hoping Mayor Patricia de Lille will exempt ratepayers from tariff increases.

Zuma: Global water situation is bleak

South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma has called on his fellow African and world leaders "to prioritise access to water and sanitation."

Live trial could hamper Van Breda case

The prosecutor in the Henri van Breda murder trial agrees that live streaming the trial will have a negative impact on witnesses.
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