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Mourinho: Fergie welcome in the dressing room

Mourinho: Fergie welcome in the dressing room

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says has he told Alex Ferguson that he will always be welcome in the Red Devils' dressing room.

The legendary Ferguson, who managed United from 1986 until 2013, is now a club ambassador but has kept his distance from the first-team out of respect for the current boss.

Mourinho though has urged the Scot to come and greet the players after games and travel with the team for away trips.

Speaking to Portuguese television channel SIC, Mourinho said: "At the end of games, when he [Ferguson], Sir Bobby Charlton and the CEO come down and he's the only one that doesn't come in the changing rooms, I told him this type of situation makes no sense, he needs to feel free to do what a person of his stature that represents the club can do.

"We have the same friendship we always have had, an SMS, a birthday or Christmas card. He wanted to leave and not return, maybe for his own comfort. I told him, it made no sense, us travelling to London on a private train and Sir Alex, going by car.

"'No, you come in the train'. He's so respectful that he got a bit shy in this approach; it has to be us to make him feel cared for, and made him feel that in our heads there aren't ghosts.

"He will always be an ambassador to this club but he's been doing it as far as he can from the changing rooms."

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