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Man livestreams daughter's murder on Facebook

A 21-year old Thai man livestreamed himself murdering his daughter on Facebook before taking his own life.

Macron v Le Pen for French presidency

Outsider Emmanuel Macron defied the odds to narrowly win the first round of voting in France's presidential elections.

39-year-old set to be France's next president

France's political landscape was turned upside down on Sunday in the most influential elections Europe has seen in decades.

Jehovah's Witnesses declared an extremist group and banned in Russia

The Supreme Court of Russia on Thursday declared the Jehovah's Witnesses Christian organisation an extremist organisation, and banned it from operating on Russian territory.

Deadly terror attack in Paris

A police man was shot and killed on the Champs-Élysées in Paris on Thursday evening.

Palestinian president to visit the White House

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas is to meet with United States President Donald Trump on May 3 in Washington, the White House has said.

Egyptian forces kill Sinai monastry shooter

Egyptian security forces say that they have killed one of the shooters responsible for Tuesday's shooting near St Catherine's monastery in the Sinai Peninsula.

53 arrested in Nigeria for celebrating gay wedding

Nigerian police confirmed that 53 men, who were part of wedding celebrations for a gay marriage, were arrested on Saturday

This day in history: The Group Areas Act officially repealed

Today in history: a law is repealed, the Tenors visit SA, drug companies drop their law suit, SWAPO is founded and the Bambatha Rebellion begins.
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