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Immigration Officer arrested for fraud

An immigration Officer from Vioolsdrift Port of Entry was busted after several Passports of foreign nationals were found at the suspect's premises.

Zuma: Global water situation is bleak

South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma has called on his fellow African and world leaders "to prioritise access to water and sanitation."

600 million children to be affected by water scarcity

The United Nations believes more than 600 million children worldwide will be adversely affected by what is a deepening water crisis by 2040.

Europe's migration policy blamed for terror attacks

Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo said it was impossible to ignore the link between the series of terror attacks in Europe and continent's lenient migration policies.

Eight killed, as Northern Nigeria continues to burn

Nigeria is still reeling, after eight people were killed in multiple suicide blasts that were set off in Maiduguri this week.

Ten security forces killed in Egypt

Egyptian authorities have confirmed that ten of that country's security forces were killed when the vehicle they were traveling in was hit by two bombs on Thursday.

Le Pen: We need to control our borders

French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen said the need for her country to control its borders had never been greater, following attacks that took place in London this week.

PM May: Westminster attacks have sickened us all

British Prime Minister Teresa May said the attacks in London, on Wednesday, were an attack on free people everywhere.

Arrests made in London attack

British police have made a number of arrests following Wednesday afternoon's deadly attacks in London.

Mercedes-Benz plant Vitoria celebrates 100 000th V-Class

The Mercedes-Benz plant Vitoria celebrates a production milestone: on the 10th of March , the 100 000th V-Class rolled off the assembly line.

This day in history: Robert Sobukwe charged with incitement to riot

On March 21, 1960, Sobukwe and his followers arranged a march to Orlando Police Station in Soweto, where they handed over their passes, deliberately courting arrest.
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